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Fashion Rules a French women would never Break

Paris is undeniably fashion capital of the world and French women are the epitome of style. Let’s just accept it! French women have something about how they dress that’s always effortless yet chic while being the exact amount of trendy. When it comes to fashion, French women have aced it.

some people also consider the French girl style as an unattainable fantasy but don’t worry not for my readers. So, what are those mysterious qualities that make French women so stylish? It’s all about being beautiful without having to try.

After a research and studying the most famous french bloggers I have accumulated these 10 fashion rules French women live by.

1. Forget the trends.

French women don’t care about trends. The corner stone of French fashion is always classic.

When you follow the trends you become a slave of fashion. French women know what to buy every year regardless of what color and patterns are in trend. They always invest in basics, they are style followers and styles never waver, it never changes, style is eternal.

2. The neutral palette.

You will never see cheap or lurid colors and prints on the streets of France. French women go with the basic light colors like beige, white, black or brown. They always go with neutral color of clothes while adding vivid colors to the outfit by accessorizing with bright scarf or handbags. Even if they go for bright colors they go one or two tone lighter but never the vibrant color. It’s hard to not look chic with these kinds of combinations.

3. Invest in classics.

Source:- Pinterest

The number one reason why French women are always ultra stylish is because they invest in the classic pieces rather than buying into trends and regretting it later. The basic piece like a statement blazer or a silk scarf is effortlessly stylish and goes with everything. They never create and buy a head to toe look for a particular season they mix and match and create timeless classic outfits from the basics.

4. The Red lipstick.

Many international brands have tried their hands on selling different and funky colors like neon, orange, yellow, black etc.. But it just doesn’t work there. The French women never have their hands on funky colors but rather the romantic red. The colors may vary in lighter or darker shades. French women have mastered the art of taking their look from day to night in red lips and they look flattering anytime and anywhere.

5. Too many prints are a big No! No!

If you wear one piece of print in your outfit the other piece has to be a plain solid color the same also goes with colors, never wear more than two colors but blue jeans is an exception if you do so it would become too vibrant and colorful. Also I love how this women has put on a BOHEMIAN print skirt with simplicity and elegance.

6. Less is more.

Never over accessorize. For example if you wear long earrings skip wearing a necklace or if you wear a big necklace skip earrings. Also never wear silver with gold or vice versa either go with all gold or all silver. Coz less is more, less is effortless and less is sophistication. Always stay minimal with your accessories.

7. It’s all about the perfect fit.

French women know their bodies perfectly and wear clothes that flatter their bodies. They are really good at knowing what fits and flatters their bodies. Not too tight from stomach or loose from the butt jut perfectly fit to let their bodies breathe.

8. People remember your fragrance.

It’s hard to forget a woman who is well dressed while having a irresistible fragrance. Investing in a good perfume is a must to make yourself unforgettable. Just like coco channel said “a women with no perfume has no future.” Which is indeed true and a women with no perfume isn’t remembered either.

9. The footwear rule.

French women always own their signature pair of heels and flats. They never wear too high heels which might look like over doing it. Having flat ballerinas is essential as it goes just right with every outfit and is wearable in every occasion.

10. Wear your confidence.

Now since French fashion and women is all about style and elegance no women looks good when she has an improper walk while slouching and biting her nail, no matter how pretty her outfit is. Just walk straight and look confident in everything. “French women dress up with elegance and assurance, never to be seen. I guess it’s exactly why its inspiring in all ways, it’s an attitude”- Marta.

So perhaps, those are the major secrets the imperfect and effortless French women were keeping which made the media and magazines obsessed with the “French Girl”.

After the French styling tips I would soon be doing an article about what basics and statement pieces French women keep in their closet which is a fantasy for every girl who loves fashion. Till then subscribe below by entering you email so that you never miss an article to upgrade your style game and have a killer wardrobe.

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