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A complete guide to Bohemian fashion

The Bohemian style have created a lot of buzz from the past few years. So what is this Boho style? And what does this Boho chic mean? So, basically It is inspired by the gypsy or hippies travelling to different parts of the world who adapted the style of every land they stepped into and merged them into their own clothing style. So let’s get into this trip of how to dress like a Bohemian lass.

1. Patterns and prints

The most important aspect that defines your Bohemian looks is the print you choose to wear. Prints like Floral, tie and die, batik, ikat, tribal prints, whimsical patterns or paisley are majorly used in Bohemian clothing. A boho chic’s best Friends are the patterns of her clothes.

2. Layer Layers Layers

source:- Pinteret

The bohemians used to travel a lot and so they wore a lot of layers in order to carry less stuff but it looked extremely stylish and defined their style. Mix and match different colors and patterns it's all about merging all you have and make an artistic look for yourself.

3. Natural Fabric

The gypsys were highly inspired by nature and they were very harmonic to nature and natural elements. Fabrics like cotton, cheese-cloth, hemp etc..are majorly used natural fabric but you can also add lace and silk to spice up your urban Boho chic look.

4. Oversized clothes

Image Source:- Pinterest

Forget wearing skin fit bodycon dresses which doesn’t let you breath. Always choose one size up because if you are not comfortable in your clothes you are not a true Bohemian lass. The idea of Bohemian clothing is flowing and free spirited. So let your body breath and wear flowy long dresses and skirts.

5. Chunky jewellery

Gigi hadid keepin it minimal yet chunky. Source:- Pinterest

Rule number one is to never use designer jewellery always wear handmade artisians or tribal jewellery. A big statement necklace, big rings and bracelets merge everything you own and see the difference. A bohemian look is incomplete without bulky artistic accessories.

6. The footwear

just probe through her ultra Boho Gladiators. Source:- Pinterest

Some nude shaded strappy sandals or gladiators are the most appropriate footwear for a Boho look but you can always wear boots to attain a modern bohemian chic look.

7. Use minimal makeup

The true essence of Boho is faded away with tons of make up on your face. Boho is a natural and fresh look. If you go without makeup nothing is more appropriate. However, if you want to do makeup use nude shades of lipstick and a little use of bronzer will look great.

8. Hairs

again kendal jenner acing the bobho chic look Image Source:- Pinterest

While dressing like a Bohemian forget about perfection in your hairstyle let them flow and let them be a little bit messy. Natural beachy waves are awesome and most common boho hairstyle is braiding your hair in different ways.

9. Wear a Hat or a Scarf

Floppy hats enhances your bohemian look and is an important aspect of hippie fashion. Hunt for scarves with fun prints on it with dark bright colours because nothing is as appropriate as a fun scarf on head for Boho look. The scarf can also be used to wear on your neck and tie it on your waist.

10. Hippie bags

this is very basic boho outfit but just to let you know what hippie bags are like. (usually with fringes or patch work baggie)

Last but not the least accessories are a huge part of hippie fashion so go grab a hand crafted artistic and colourful bag and complete your bohemian look. Some tribal print or kutchi work bags are most appropriate for a Bohemian look.

So these were the basic elements of Bohemian fashion and how to attain a Bohemian look. IF you are interested in French Fashion here is one for you where you will get to know about the French Fashion rules and elements.