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5 secrets to look stylish every effin day!

Hello lovelies,

So This is my fourth post and btw My previous blog literally broke down due to some technical issues so I would really appreciate if you share this website as much as you can with your friends and family. So yeah coming back to point. Looking stylish every single day sometimes becomes a really tiresome job. Moreover, looking fashionable is not only about pulling off latest trends coz sometimes it can be as easy as just throwing on a scarf or wearing sunglasses.

Today's post is going to be a game changer and I really believe that it will transform your style and personality. So yeah keep on reading.

1.Keep a balance between loose and tight.

By this I mean if you are wearing something tight on top then prefer wearing loose on the bottom and vice versa. Trust me this will elongate your style game.

2. The rule of 4

I don't remember the name but recently I read an article saying that A great outfit consists of 4 standout pieces" and I couldn't agree more upon this. For instance, I am wearing this neon polo and white pants which might be a little basic but when I added this bum bag, yellow sunglasses and black boots it instantly elevated the look and together this makes 4 standout pieces. Try it, out, you won't Regret.

3. Accessories are a cherry on top.

Never Underestimate the power of good jewellery, whether it is for a glamed up outfit of everyday basic minimal outfit. One secret is to wear appropriate jewellery and you will always stand out of the crowd. Invest in some right now.

4. Put on a hat if nothing works 

Now caps and hats never disappoint! I am a lover of hats especially. For example I wore this basic shorts and t-shirt but by just throwing on a hat the look is Completely varied and I would also suggest you to have a baker boy cap in your closet coz it goes with Literally everything from chic style to street style.

5. High waist denims.

I am a strong advocate of investing into a good pair of high waist jeans and my biggest fear is that low waist will become a thing! though I would never buy that. So, the point is high waist denims actually makes you look taller, hides you fat and ohh! looks damn stylish. additionally crop tops look super flattering with them.

So that is it ladies, those were just my secrets and no thumb rule. Subscribe by just entering your e-mail and you will be notified in your mailbox every time I post new fashion articles. (and its free, you are only gaining something and loosing nothing)